Arronax Nantes brings together all stakeholders in Nantes working on research and development in nuclear medicine.

This more particularly include the GIP ARRONAX, the laboratories CeisamCEMA-OnirisCRCI2NA, LS2NSubatech, the CRIP-Oniris core facility and the Nuclear Medicine departments of the University Hospital of Nantes and the ICO.

Arronax Nantes is a stakeholder in the I-SITE NExT, in close collaboration with the LabEx IRON and the SIRIC ILIAD.

our publications

  • Brain intratumoural astatine-211 radiotherapy targeting syndecan-1 leads to durable glioblastoma remission and immune memory in female mice, Roncali L, Marionneau-Lambot S, Roy C, Eychenne R, Gouard S, Avril S, et al., eBioMedicine [Internet]. 1 July 2024,

  • Proton-induced reactions for 47Sc (and 46Sc) production: new nuclear cross section measurements on enriched titanium targets, Pupillo G, De Dominicis L, Cisternino S, Esposito J, Campostrini M, Rigato V, et al., J Radioanal Nucl Chem [Internet], 18 avr 2024.

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