Arronax Nantes brings together all stakeholders in Nantes working on research and development in nuclear medicine.

This more particularly include the GIP ARRONAX, the laboratories CeisamCEMA-OnirisCRCI2NA, LS2NSubatech, the CRIP-Oniris core facility and the Nuclear Medicine departments of the University Hospital of Nantes and the ICO.

Arronax Nantes is a stakeholder in the I-SITE NExT, in close collaboration with the LabEx IRON and the SIRIC ILIAD.

our publications

  • Proton beam dosimetry at ultra-high dose rates (FLASH): Evaluation of GAFchromic™ (EBT3, EBT-XD) and OrthoChromic (OC-1) film performances, Villoing, D., Koumeir, C., Bongrand, A., Guertin, A., Haddad, F., Métivier, V., Poirier, F., Potiron, V., Servagent, N., Supiot, S., Delpon, G., Chiavassa, S, Medical Physics, 2022, 49 (4), 2732–2745

  • 211 At and 125 I‐Labeling of (Hetero)Aryliodonium Ylides: Astatine Wins Again, Maingueneau, C.; Berdal, M.; Eychenne, R.; Gaschet, J.; Chérel, M.; Gestin, J.; Guérard, F., Chemistry A European J 2022. doi:10.1002/chem.202104169

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