General information:

this equipment makes it possible to analyze and purify a mixture of products by separation on a silica column under high pressure.

  • Technical specifications: autopurification system, DAD and ELSD double detection, automated injection and collection, analytical and preparative column, reverse and normal phase.
  • Uses: analysis and purification of products (from 10 mg to 1 g).
  • Prohibited use: corrosive products.

Principle of operation:

This equipment is used to perform the analysis (analytical HPLC) of a product or a mixture in order to verify their purity. It is possible to couple this device to a mass spectrometer in order to have both a chromatogram and a mass spectrum associated with a peak.

A further use is preparative HPLC, which allows to purify a mixture of products (from 10 mg to 1 g). Depending on the polarity of the product(s) to be analyzed or purified, we adapt the column and the type of silica (normal phase or reverse phase).

Figure 1 : WATERS 2545 autopurification HPLC system with ELS detector.

Identity card
Name WATERS 2545 autopurification HPLC
ID number (internal ref.)
Type og equipment
High performance liquid chromatography


Controlled zoneYes
Restrictions on useNot available in self-servicehplc
Technical correspondentContact us

Additional information:

This equipment is only accessible to:

  • CEISAM staff,
  • staff from partners
  • external teams under the responsibility of the technical correspondent.