General information:

This equipment is used for speciation measurements by ion chromatography with chemical suppressor, and pre-concentration capability.

Principle of operation:

Separation, qualitative and quantitative detection of ions contained in simple or complex solutions are performed using columns containing ion exchange resins. The ionic concentration of each ion is determined (in µS) with a conductimetric detector, by measuring the peak area. Experiments can be carried out with the UV detector and/or combined with a Gamma detector for radioactive isotopes.


  • ProfIC sample processor
  • variable volume sample injection valve (20 to 250 µl)
  • column oven (up to 70 ° C), column compartment
  • MSM HC/dosinos chemical suppressor
  • pre-concentration column
  • Asupp 16 250-2.0 anion separation column
  • C6 250-4.0 cation column
  • conductimetric detector (0 to 15000 µS/cm)
  • MagIC NET 3.1/PC software
Identity card
Name Metrohm IC Compact 881
ID number (internal ref.)
Type og equipment
High performance liquid chromatography


Controlled zoneYes
Restrictions on useRadiological monitoring
Technical correspondentContact us