This equipment is a laboratory analytical tool that characterizes radioactive species by their difference in charge and mass in the presence of an electrical field.


  • Measures the mobility of a radioactive species (gamma emitter) in an electrical field
  • Device designed and made at Subatech
  • Possible use: monitoring radioactive species in a column

Only for gamma emitter.


The principle consists in measuring the mobility of ions in an aqueous electrolyte in which an electrical field is imposed. A species is stabilized in a given medium then injected into an electrolyte. The application in an electrical field on an electrolyte leads to displacement of the species if the latter is charged. Its displacement is tracked by gamma detection

Description of the device


For all gamma-emitting radionuclides

Name of the equipmentElectric mobility measurement
Name of the installation siteSubatech
Name of the owner establishmentSubatech
Type of apparatusMeasurement


Availability of the equipmentAvailable
Apparatus in a controlled zoneYes
Restrictions on useThis apparatus is not available in self-service mode
Technical correspondentContact us