General information:

quadrupole mass spectrometer with ICPsource for (multi-)elemental and isotopic analysis at trace and ultra-trace scales. Use for the calculation of diffusion coefficient of elements, multi-element composition of samples, control of the purity of preparations.

Principle of operation:

Qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental (m / z) and isotopic analyzes at the trace and ultra-trace (ppb to ppt) scale in solution.

A calibration range between 0.1 to 10 ppb is generally performed for most elements, for Se and As from 0.2 to 20 ppb, for Fe and B from 1 to 100 ppb, and for Si from 10 to 1000 ppb. Calibration ranges can be adapted depending on the signal, and, therefore, the first standard can be decreased. For analysis on one element, a sample volume of 1.5 ml of is sufficient, and for multi-element analysis, a volume of 3 ml to 5 ml is recommended.

Prohibited use: prior to use, this equipment requires to dilute the solutions under a salt content (Na, Mg, Ca and K) of 0.1 g/L. Measurements are performed on homogeneous aqueous solutions with concentrations in the calibration range. Use of HNO3 and HCl solutions for the dilution of samples whose concentration does not exceed 2%.

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ManufacturerThermoFischer Scientific
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Mass spectrometer with ICP source


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