Subatech laboratory and TRISKEM INTERNATIONAL announce the launch of their TESMARAC joint research laboratory (LabCom) with the support of the French National Research Agency (ANR).

The TESMARAC LabCom aims to develop new selective resins and support materials and by conducting research into new separation and pre-concentration methods with existing support materials for trace-level DTM (difficult-to-measure) radioisotopes separation and analysis in complex media.

Innovation will be a key feature of the TESMARAC LabCom thanks to the combined knowledge and know-how of Subatech, the project leader with expertise in radiochemistry and nuclear metrology and of TRISKEM INTERNATIONAL, specialists in highly selective resin development and production.

The innovative approach will be boosted by a partnership with the ModES (Modeling and Spectroscopy) team belonging to the CEISAM (Chemistry and Interdisciplinarity, Synthesis, Analysis and Modeling) research laboratory at the University of Nantes, which has developed new in-silico approaches with molecular modeling tools.

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