This key area includes research activities ranging from the design to the preparation of radiopharmaceutical products for molecular imagery and targeted radiotherapy.

Upstream, molecular modeling tools and the results of radiochemistry experiments in solution are used for the rational design of new radiopharmaceuticals. Developments in organic and analytical chemistry are conducted for the synthesis of innovative precursors designed to be marked with radioisotopes of interest. Depending on the radioisotope, specific radioactive labeling protocols are drawn up.

Finally, specific GIP Arronax premises (Internal Use Pharmacy Annex, APUI) have been equipped with shielded cells, quality controls instruments and automatic purification, synthesis and distribution systems for radioisotopes and radiopharmaceutical products intended for clinical trials and local and national clinical centers.

Four teams of chemists specialized in complementary fields are involved:

  • the Nuclear Oncology team from the CRCINA laboratory (U1232 Inserm) has expertise in organic chemistry and radiopharmacy;
  • the Radiochemistry and Theory groups from the Subatech laboratory (UMR 6457) have skills in experimental and theoretical radiochemistry;
  • the Ceisam laboratory (UMR 6230 CNRS-University of Nantes) contributes its know-how in molecular modeling (ModES team) and organic synthesis (CORAIL team);
  • the radiochemists attached to the GIP Arronax APUI contribute their expertise in engineering.

 This consortium is able to draw up cooperation agreements or provide services in the following fields:

  • analysis and purification of organic molecules
  • radioactive labeling of molecules and biomolecules
  • scale-up and GMP production of radiopharmaceuticals
  • l’équipe Oncologie nucléaire du laboratoire CRCINA (U1232 Inserm) possède une expertise en chimie organique et radiopharmacie;
  • les groupes Radiochimie et Théorie du laboratoire Subatech (UMR 6457) exercent leurs compétences en radiochimie expérimentale et théorique;
  • le laboratoire Ceisam (UMR 6230 CNRS-Université de Nantes) participe de son savoir-faire en modélisation moléculaire (équipe ModES) et en synthèse organique (équipe CORAIL);
  • les radiochimistes attachés à l’APUI du GIP Arronax contribuent de leur expertise en ingénierie.

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