This key area is based on network functioning of components distributed between several partners:

  • Rodent imaging: CIMA (CRCINA, teaching hospital of Nantes)
  • Imaging of large animals: CEMA (Oniris National veterinary, food processing and food school)
  • Clinical trials: Department of Nuclear Medicine of the teaching hospital of Nantes and the ICO

Arronax Nantes can thus provide different skills and facilities around pre-clinical imagery of both rodents and medium-sized animals.

Our strengths

  • First-rate multidisciplinary scientific expertise (biologists, immunologists, radiopharmacists, veterinary surgeons, nuclear doctors, medical physicists)
  • Translational research: from mice to men
  • An extended collaboration network (IRON laboratory of excellence, IGO laboratory of excellence, SIRIC ILIAD, etc.)
  • Experience in public/private collaborative projects
  • Experience and methodology for clinical trials in nuclear medicine

Our offer

  • Collaborative R&D projects
  • Imaging services
  • Assistance and provision of facilities for trained users, subject to reservation and invoicing by the hour
  • Clinical trials (promotion, investigation)
  • Contractualization of partnerships with scientific, academic and industrial teams.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed, follow-up and traceability, quality assurance.

our publications

  • Cell Tracking in Cancer Immunotherapy, Perrin J, Capitao M, Mougin-Degraef M, Guérard F, Faivre-Chauvet A, Rbah-Vidal L, et al, Front Med. 14 févr 2020;7:34.

  • Targeting Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy on Metabolic PET- and Immuno-PET-Positive Vertebral Metastases, Pichon B, Rousseau C, Blanc-Lapierre A, Delpon G, Ferrer L, Libois V, et al, Biomedicines. 28 nov 2020;8(12):548.

  • Targeted-Alpha-Therapy Combining Astatine-211 and anti-CD138 Antibody in a Preclinical Syngeneic Mouse Model of Multiple Myeloma Minimal Residual Disease, Gouard S, Maurel C, Marionneau-Lambot S, Dansette D, Bailly C, Guérard F, et al, Cancers. 22 sept 2020;12(9):2721.

our news