Since the beginning of 2021, the GIP ARRONAX is hosting an emittance-meter. This device which measures the density of particles in position and in angle is installed in the injection section of the cyclotron. It has been developed by the IPHC (Hubert Curien Pluridisciplinary Institute), as part of an IN2P3 inter-accelerator project, and prepared for the last 3 years in collaboration with the GIP ARRONAX.

a) installation of the emittance-meter in the injection of the cyclotron
b) the teams that contributed to the installation
c) first picture of the beam from the emittance-meter

It is the first beam geometry characterization tool in the Injection, section which adapt the beam upstream the acceleration in the cyclotron. The device will be at the ARRONAX GIP for a period of a few months before travelling to other accelerators location in France and around the world. During this period, measurement campaigns over several days are foreseen.

The characterisation of the emittance allows to consider more precise optimizations of the necessary adjustments of the source and the magnetic elements of the injection section. This will benefit all irradiations.

Contact : Freddy Poirier