A few years after his thesis in radiochemistry at the Subatech laboratory, Mohammad Ghalei returned to Nantes to develop the radiolysis research carried out at GIP ARRONAX.

Mohammad Ghalei’s experiments at GIP ARRONAX between 2012 and 2015 as part of his radiochemistry thesis devoted to the study of technetium 99 in carbonate media under alpha and gamma irradiation convinced the radiochemist of one thing: “Here the working atmosphere is pleasant and the equipment at Arronax is particularly conducive to research and development work in radiolysis.”

Mohammad chose to return to Nantes after working in the pharmaceutical industry in Iran, in particular developing radiotracers for PET imaging. Hired in September 2021 in the Radiochemistry team of the Subatech laboratory, he shares his time between teaching at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Nantes and research at GIP ARRONAX with Guillaume Blain and Johan Vandenborre.

Pulsed alpha radiolysis and the development of proton therapy are central to his research work. “Nantes is a pioneer in this field, which is very motivating!” Another topic for the teacher-researcher: the radiolysis of astatine, with the aim of improving the stability of radiopharmaceuticals in whose composition this radioelement enters.

Contact : Mohammad Ghalei