From September 11 to 25, 86 personnel from five member structures or partners of Arronax Nantes went to the IRSN truck parked on the GIP Arronax site. Objective: to monitor the internal exposure of personnel through anthroporadiometric measurements.


The IRSN truck stopped at the GIP Arronax parking lot on September 11, 2020. For two weeks, 86 men and women followed one another in this mobile laboratory to benefit from an anthroporadiometry screening.

These staff members are taking part in a campaign organized for the second consecutive year by the Risk Prevention Service (SPR) of GIP Arronax because they are subject to the risk of internal contamination by radionuclides in the context of their professional activity. For the staff of GIP Arronax, Nantes University Hospital and Chelatec, this is not a first: they have already participated in 2019. Those of the ICO and CRCINA are joining them this year.

The examination consists of a series of whole body and/or thyroid measurements to detect the radiation (gamma and x only) emitted by the body and to deduce the radionuclide(s) present, as well as the associated activity. The mobile laboratory is equipped with two hyper-pure germanium detectors offering the possibility to discriminate finely the energies of radionuclides. Their low detection limit combined with sufficient counting time allows to detect minimal contamination.

This examination, subject to medical prescription, is in accordance with the recommendations for individual monitoring of workers’ exposure to ionizing radiation, defined in conjunction with occupational medicine.

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Contact : Risk Prevention Service (SPR) of GIP Arronax