On February 4, a new sample changer developed by the radiolysis team was used for the first time on the line dedicated to research for the Arronax cyclotron. It made it possible to irradiate in a reduced time many solutions of Neptunium237 and polycarboxylates, respectively within the framework of a thesis on the chemistry under radiation of 237Np and of the European project EURAD/CORI.

Designed by Yann Bortoli (mechanical department, Subatech) and Guillaume Blain (Radiolysis team, Subatech), this system makes it possible to increase the number of experimental irradiations per day and thus to multiply the number of experiments with constant beam time.

This equipment avoids the need for the user to replace one of the six samples, and also allows a significant gain in terms of beam stability and irradiation repeatability, since the cyclotron remains in full operation for the few seconds required for automatic sample replacement.

Its removable tray is adaptable and can be easily replaced by another one to measure another type of experiment. Finally, the new autosampler includes a diagnostic position that allows the beam geometry and intensity to be checked at any time.

Contact : Guillaume Blain