The members and partners of Arronax Nantes are strongly involved in higher education via the teacher-researchers working at Nantes University and the engineering schools IMT Atlantique and Centrale Nantes. Our interventions cover fields ranging from nuclear physics to nuclear medicine, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, engineering, computer science, etc… Our objective is to consolidate multidisciplinary training actions in our field and to promote them internationally.

A specialized initial training program

This program called INSTRUIRE was developed to allow students to perform work using the core facilities set up as part of the Equipex ArronaxPlus project. Nearly 60 students at different levels (bachelor, master …) are trained each year and more than 40 PhD’s are in progress or have been supported in recent years. These courses are part of a vast training system coordinated within the framework of the IRON labex, which brings together several french universities to offer various training courses in several disciplines to students enrolling for a bachelor’s degree through to a doctorate.


Open online courses offer a modular tool that can be used on its own or as part of regular university courses. As part of a collaborative work between the IRON LabEx and Arronax Nantes, a MOOC piloted by Caroline Bodet-Milin and Mickaël Bourgeois was built under the title “At the heart of medical radioactivity“. The first version, in French, included 21 episodes and more than 2,500 learners registered. In 2019, a modified version with an English translation was put online. More than 2,000 learners followed this MOOC.

A thematic school

Arronax Nantes is also working on the development of a multidisciplinary thematic school. This prefigures the establishment of an original doctoral training, truly multidisciplinary, around nuclear energy for health. It is supported by IRON and IGO labs, SIRIC ILIAD, Equipex ArronaxPlus, I-SITE NExT and all Arronax Nantes partners.

A continuing education program in radiation protection

A partnership has been concluded with the french company Apercora to offer continuous training in the field of radiation protection allowing professionals to acquire the theoretical and practical skills necessary to obtain their credentials.

Exhibitions for the public

Concerned with the dissemination of scientific and technical culture, Arronax Nantes members and partners develop scientific mediation tools and content to enable the public at large to take ownership of the issues and results of translational research in nuclear medicine.The traveling exhibition entitled “Le théranostique, vers une médecine nucléaire personnalisée” presents the theranostic approach that combines diagnosis and therapy while showing the current capabilities to produce innovative radionuclides for the benefit of nuclear medicine. A second exhibition devoted to the use of the Arronax cyclotron for non-medical purposes, aimed in particular at high school students, is scheduled for early 2021.

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