An e-book published in “Frontiers in Medicine” brings together a collection of articles dealing with the discipline’s contributions to personalized medicine. They come from LabEx IRON, a partner of Arronax Nantes.

Published in July 2020 in the “Nuclear Medicine” section of the journal “Frontiers in Medicine”, this e-book compiles eleven articles (mainly review articles) that provide an overview of research on nuclear medicine’s contributions to personalized medicine. Much of the studies were conducted in the laboratory of excellence Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals in Oncology and Neurology (LabEx IRON).

It covers innovations in PET imaging and nuclear therapy, as well as recent work in the human and social sciences in the context of nuclear medicine.

Several young scientists have contributed to the work published in this international journal with an impact factor of 3.9, giving them valuable international recognition and visibility for the rest of their scientific careers.

Contact : LabEx IRON