ISI NucMed Thematic School designed by IRC TransForMed and its scientific partners will take place from 8 to 10 June 2020. Registration is open.

During 3 days, 35 participants will deepen their knowledge through contact with experts in 3 of the current major fields of research in nuclear medicine: radionuclide production, artificial intelligence for the analysis of medical images and the theranostic approach. Lectures, practical work and visits to state-of-the-art equipment will take place alternately in Arronax, at Centrale Nantes at the University of Nantes Health Research Institute (CRCINA).

This thematic school is open to master/doctoral students, post-docs, young doctors (interns) and researchers. All sessions are in English.

ISI NucMed aims to introduce participants to all aspects associated with the development of a radiopharmaceutical, from isotope production to clinical trials. Resolutely interdisciplinary, this training aims to better prepare students and young researchers for the challenges of the future in the fields of health and industry concerned by nuclear medicine. Indeed, nuclear medicine has grown considerably in recent years and innovative approaches require multidisciplinary work ranging from nuclear physics and chemistry to medicine, biology, pharmacy, medical physics and computer science. The development of radioactive drugs, multimodal imaging and innovative approaches in radiotherapy represent one of the priority areas of Arronax Nantes, a multidisciplinary pole in nuclear medicine bringing together not only multidisciplinary academic skills but also industrial partners capable of promoting the research work resulting from this network.

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