Production of radionuclides

  • Electrochemical Co-Deposition of Ni–Gd2O3 for Composite Thin Targets Preparation: Production of 155Tb as a Case Study, Y. Wang, T. Sounalet, A. Guertin, F. Haddad, N. Michel, E. Nigron, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 2022, 186, 110287.

  • Nuclear data for light charged particle induced production of emerging medical radionuclides, G. Pupillo, L. Mou, S. Manenti, F. Groppi, J. Esposito, F. Haddad, Radiochimica Acta, vol., no., 2022.

Chemistry and radiopharmacy

  • 211 At and 125 I‐Labeling of (Hetero)Aryliodonium Ylides: Astatine Wins Again, Maingueneau, C.; Berdal, M.; Eychenne, R.; Gaschet, J.; Chérel, M.; Gestin, J.; Guérard, F., Chemistry A European J 2022. doi:10.1002/chem.202104169

  • Complexation of europium with exopolysaccharides from a marine bacterium envisaged as luminescent probe in a theranostic approach, Huclier-Markai S, Alliot C, Mazza M, Reiller PE. Dalton Trans. 2021;50(46):17215‑27. doi:10.1039/D1DT03288G

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