Radionuclide Yield Calculator (RYC) is a GUI program that calculates the production yield and activity of radioisotopes based on radiation parameters (for protons, deuterons, alpha particles) and an excitation function stemming from experimental measures or databases.

This software is made available free of charge for use and distribution under conditions.

Main features:

  • it calculates the ‘Thick Target Yield’
  • it calculates ‘End Of Beam’ (EOB) activity
  • it calculates the number of stable nuclei produced
  • it searches for radioactive impurities
  • it adjusts the data of efficient sections
  • it imports efficient sections from TENDL-2017

Windows 64-bit

Downloading and installing:
Download and extract its contents onto your disk. You need approximately 60 MB (this includes the user manual).
Find file RYC.exe among the extracted files and execute it to start the program (when first run it may take a few seconds).
The program automatically communicates with other files if necessary, without any user intervention. However, all the downloaded files must be in the same directory when you run RYC.

Download link:


TENDL libraries:
RYC can automatically download the TENDL 2017 efficient sections from the site:
However, in certain cases that may not work. You can download the file, which contains the TENDL-lib directory.
Extract this archive and place directory TENDL-lib with all its files in the same directory as the other RYC files. TENDL-lib requires 0.5 GB of disk space and includes nearly 350,000 files.

You can contact:

Mateuz Sitarz: