Technical characteristics

Beaver multi-isotope digital autoradiography coupled to an image acquisition computer.

The Beaver is a digital autoradiography device. It is designed to detect charged ionising particles emitted by radioactive atoms in biological samples and to map them quantitatively. These samples must be in the form of histological sections deposited on glass microscope slides.

Calibration of the detector for a limited number of radioisotopes (3H, 14C, 18F, 32P, 35Sr, 64Cu, 99mTc, 125I, 131I, 211At, 232Th and 238U).




Name of equipment
Beaver Model JTS-14-0002
LocationRadioactivity Technical Facility IRS-UN 7th floor
Name of the owner institution
Inserm-U1307 team 2 / Nuclear Oncology
Type of equipment
Digital autoradiography