Hidex AMG is a gamma counter dedicated to nuclear medicine and PET applications.


  • 640 mm (Width), 700 mm (Depth) 600 mm (Height)
  • Weight : 205 kg
  • Lead shield thickness : 55 mm, but 80 mm on conveyor side
  • 3 inch Ø NaI crystal
  • Energy range : 15-2000 keV
  • Linear multichannel analyzer with 2048 channels
  • Sample quantity : 250 pcs for max 13 mm diameter vials and 78 pcs for max 28 mm diameter
  • Quality control module giving the Ge-68/Ga-68 elution ratio
  • High counting efficiency with effective lead protection for PET research with isotopes such as O-15, F-18 and Zr-89
  • Automatic Half Life Period correction from an operator-defined date
  • Easy and automated radio-immunoassay tool included
  • Automatic data export in an operator-defined format
  • Ensures radiation protection with predefined gamma counting methods


The Hidex AMG, with its integrated, accurate and easy-to-use balance, is a platform perfectly suited for bio-distribution studies.

Nom équipement : HIDEX Gamma counter
Fabriquant de l’appareilHIDEX
N° identifiant (référence interne)
Nom du lieu d’installationCIMA
Nom de l’établissement propriétaireUniversité de Nantes
Type de l’appareilGamma counter


Disponibilité de l’équipementAvailable
Appareil en zone réglementéeYes
Contraintes d’utilisationMandatory supervision
Correspondant technique
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