Our bimodality equipment is coupled with a gas anaesthesia system with monitoring.



The preclinical PET/MR system is based on a cryogenic fluid-free superconductor solution for the magnet based on Chameleon4 (RS2D) technology.

  • Cryogen-free” Superconducting magnet
  • Field strength : 3 Teslas
  • Aperture : 180 mm
  • DSV : 80 mm
  • Homogeneity : +/- 0.5 ppm over a 50 mm volume
  • Stability : < 0.1 ppm/h
  • Gradient gun : aperture: 115 mm, power: 2.2 mT/m/A, rise time (0-98%): < 50 μs at 750V, linearity : 80 mm DSV
  • Volume and area antenna
PET (Inviscan)

HALO 3.0 is a PET insert dedicated to pre-clinical in-vivo imaging in rodents. HALO PET offers the unique ability to perform simultaneous PET/MRI acquisitions coupled with excellent resolution and image quality.

  • Detection efficiency : 2%.
  • Resolution – CFOV (OSEM 3D) : 1 mm
  • Resolution – 10 mm from centre (OSEM 3D)  : <1.3 mm
  • Average energy resolution : <18%.
  • KeV energy windows : 350-650 keV / 250-650 keV
  • Time resolution : < 4 ns
  • Time windows : 10 ns


Integrated system where PET and MRI images are acquired simultaneously. The MRI part is an anatomical imaging which allows to visualize with great precision organs and soft tissues, in different planes of space. The PET part, functional imaging, allows to obtain images of the chemistry of the living : tissue perfusion, metabolism (glucose, oxygen), density and affinity of receptors, enzymatic activity, expression of reporter genes, or biodistribution of therapeutic molecules.



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Nantes University
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