The 4th edition of the Nuclear Technologies for Health Symposium (NTHS) was held in Nantes on 13 and 14 February, organised by LabEx IRON in partnership with SIRIC ILIAD and IRC TransForMed.

A key international event for those involved in nuclear medicine, these two days of scientific exchanges were marked by the significant participation of young researchers and clinicians who came to present their work in the fields of radiomics and artificial intelligence, targeted radionuclide therapy, PET imaging in neurology and innovative radiopharmaceuticals.

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NTHS 2020 participants. Nantes Museum of Art, February 2020.

NTHS 2020 in figures :

  • 127 participants
  • 16 countries
  • 5 lectures
  • 30 talks
  • 19 posters
  • 12 participants in the poster pitch session
  • 2400€ of rewards

Award Ceremony

They were rewarded at the end of the symposium :

  • For their poster pitching :
    • Samuel VALABLE (ISTCT, Caen, France) : Hypoxia image-Guided Radiotherapy for the treatment of brain metastases from primary lung cancer, a preclinical study – 500€
    • Loris RONCALI (CRCINA, Angers, France) : Investigation of tumor and micro-environmental responses following the application of an innovative targeted radiotherapy in glioblastoma – 400€
    • Mylène RICHARD (BIOMAPS, Orsay, France) : Site-selective labeling of biomolecules via disulfide rebridging – 300€

  • For their talks :
    • Justine PERRIN (CRCINA, Nantes, France) : Reversing cold tumor microenvironment with targeted alpha-therapy – 500€
    • François GUERARD (CRCINA, Nantes, France) : Simplified access to astatinated and radioiodinated antibodies by direct nucleophilic substitution of preconjugated arylboronic acids – 400€
    • Sarahi ROSAS GONZALEZ (iBRAIN, Tours, France) : 3D automatic brain tumor segmentation using a Multiscale Input U-Net network – 300€

And then?

The ISI NucMed thematic school organized by Arronax Nantes from 8 to 10 June 2020 will be an opportunity for 35 students, young researchers and clinicians to deepen their knowledge in the fields of radiopharmaceutical production, image processing and artificial intelligence and theranostic approaches.

>> visit ISI NucMed website for more information