The experimental vault Ax

The experimental vault AX possesses 3 different beam lines with their associated diagnostics. It is possible to add additional devices if necessary.

The 3 beam lines installed in the AX vault :
AX3 (left) with a vacuum chamber connected to the beam line;
AX4 (middle) with a “in air” irradiation station;
AX5 (on the far right) is equipped with a 90° dipole allowing vertical irradiation of samples.

Beam characteristics available on the AX vault

  • Protons, deuteron and alpha particles are available
  • Intensity :from pA up to few µA
  • Typical lateral dimension of the beam on target : Sigma_x/y= 5mm

Devices and utilities on the AX vault :

  • Available gas:
    • Compressed Air (5 bars)
    • Nitrogen, Argon and Carbone dioxide
  • A trigger of the Cyclotron RF signal is available(12 V)
  • Diagnostics :
    • Several devices are available to measure beam intensity (instrumented beam dump, Faraday cups under vacuum, gafchromic films, X ray emission in thin foils, …
    • A instrumented four fingers 10mm collimator is placed at the end of each beam line. It allows the positioning of the beam
    • Lateral dimension of the beam available using fluorescent light generated on an Al2O3 target or using gafchomic films
    • EPICS is available on site and can be used with appropriate devices
  • Electronics :
    • A acquisition room is available close to the vault.
    • Different types of cables are available from the vault to the acquisition room: BNC, SHV, optical fibres, Ethernet cables. Some space is still available to put new cables (at least 20m long cable must be prepared in this case).
    • Some common electronic devices are available on site but people can bring their own. A tentative list is below:
      • CAEN power supply, VME crate,…
      • Electronic modules for analogic and digital processing
      • Oscilloscopes
      • Faster acquisition system (
  • For an experiment, people can install their own system and connect it to be line. After the end of the experiment, it has to be dismounted. Some supports exist on site that can be adapted to a particular use

Do not hesitate to contact for any questions.