The Arronax facility possesses 5 high current beam lines, named A1, A2, P1, P2 and P3. Four are devoted to radionuclide production whereas the last one, P1, is used for research and is currently coupled to a neutron activator device developed in collaboration with AAA.

360° view of the irradiation station installed in vault A2

A1,A2, P2 and P3 are equipped with a water cooled target station for irradiation at high current and a pneumatic system (rabbit) allowing to send our targets after irradiation to any of our hit cell line. They are all identical allowing for redundancy. It is also possible to apply rotation of the use of the vault, with one under decay before maintenance.

A2 vault is equipped with a beam energy degrader system that allows to reduce the energy of the alpha beam from 68 MeV down to 29 MeV.

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