GMP-S2 is a production line for sterile product. It includes 2 separated lines one being dedicated to Cu-64 products and the other products including At-211, Lu-177, Y-90, In-11.

Each line is made up of:

  • a radiochemistry cell in class C
  • a radiolabeling cell in class B
  • a dispensing cell in class A.

An isolator in class B is common to the two distribution cells.

A reception cell is common to the 2 radiochemistry cells and connected to the irradiation beam lines associated to the cyclotron.


The reception cell and the 2-radiochemistry cells have a lead shielding of 100 mm. They are equipped with 2 telemanipulators from CRL.

The radiolabeling cells and the dispensing cells have a lead shielding of 75 mm.

Radiolabeling cells do not have any manipulator device whereas the dispensing cell have 2 ball tongs available.

Principle of operation and applications

As part of a collaborative project or a service request, the GIP can mobilize its staff to use these shielded hot cells for the production of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical trials.

Only the GIP Arronax personal who are trained in BPF, in sterile condition and in the operation of these shielded cells are authorized to use them.

Name of the equipment
Hot cells line GMP-S2
ManufacturerVon Gahlen
Name of the owner institutionGIP ARRONAX
Type of equipment
Hot cells (5)


Available for clinical trials
Equipment in restricted areaYes
Constraints of use
Must be scheduled in advanced
Technical contact
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