A scintillation device consists of detecting and measuring ionizing radiation by using the excitation effect of incident radiation on a liquid scintillator, and detecting the resultant light emission using photomultipliers.

The main advantages of this technique are the easy preparation of the sample, a geometrical detection efficiency of 4π and the direct contact between the radioactive atoms and the scintillation media. The two latter points lead to the possibility to detect low energy ionising radiation with high efficiency (H3 and C14 for example).

Identity card
Nom équipement : Quantulus
Fabriquant de l’appareilPerkin Elmer
N° identifiant (référence interne)Quantulus 1220
Nom du lieu d’installationArronax
Nom de l’établissement propriétaireArronax
Type de l’appareilLiquid scintillation counter


Disponibilité de l’équipementAvailable
Appareil en zone réglementéeYes
Contraintes d’utilisationInternal training is required before access to the apparatus
Correspondant techniqueFor information, please use the contact link placed below on the left side

NB : unused solution must be taken back.