Teddy Durand starts his thesis work at the beginning of October 2020 on the development of high intensity techniques in the injection of the Arronax cyclotron.

Teddy Durand arrived at GIP Arronax in March 2019 for a Master 2 program at the University of Nantes and then as an engineer at Arronax. He decided to stay on to continue and deepen his simulation and experimental work on the particle injector of the ARRONAX cyclotron. His PhD in gas physics, funded for three years by the CNRS within the Subatech laboratory (UMR 6457), will start in early October. It aims to develop the modeling and experimental tools necessary to increase the beam intensity, by optimizing the control of the magnetic elements of the accelerated beam, the methodologies for reducing particle losses and the understanding of the limits and instabilities of particle beams.

The results will be used to establish the necessary improvements for the development of the pulsation system and the increase of the beam intensity, in particular regarding the geometrical and temporal characterization of the beam.

To carry out his research under the direction of Férid Haddad, Teddy Durand is supervised by Freddy Poirier in the premises of the GIP Arronax. He will work with members of the Subatech PRISMA and Radiochemistry teams, as well as with the engineering office of the Subatech laboratory and external companies that design the sources for the cyclotron.

Contact : Teddy Durand