The ANR REPARE project members, among which several are part of the Arronax Nantes community, have designed a fact sheet and a poster to make people aware of the scientific questions that drive them and the way in which they proceed to answer them.


Here are some extracts :

“Rare and elusive in nature, astatine must be produced by particle accelerators. The physical properties of this radioisotope are very promising for internal  radiotherapy, one of the tools of nuclear medicine to fight against cancer. Unfortunately, the half-life (7.2h) and the small number of production sites of this isotope limit the possibilities to study it.”

“How make astatine accessible to a larger number of laboratories to develop research?
How to increase the production capacity of astatine?
How to manufacture a radon/astatine generator?”

These documents will be updated as the project progresses.

Contact : Anne Le Pennec