Arronax Nantes’s partners are actively involved in higher education with research lecturers teaching in the University of Nantes and in the IMT Atlantique and Centrale-Nantes engineers schools. Our interventions cover fields ranging from nuclear physics to nuclear medicine, including chemistry, biology, pharmacy, engineering, IT, etc.

A dedicated program called INSTRUIRE has been developed to enable students to work using the platforms provided by the ArronaxPlus Equipex project. Nearly 60 students, at different levels (degree, master’s, etc.) are thus trained every year, and more than 40 doctorates are in progress or have been defended in recent years. These courses of study are part of a wide-ranging scheme coordinated within the IRON laboratory of excellence framework, associating several French universities to offer a number of training paths in various disciplines to students enrolling for degree courses up to doctorate level

Open online courses are popular nowadays. They offer a modular tool that can be used on its own or in ordinary university courses. As part of collaborative work between the IRON laboratory of excellence and Arronax Nantes, a MOOC led by C. Bodet-Milin and M. Bourgeois has been constructed, entitled “Au cœur de la radioactivité médicale” (At the heart of medical radioactivity). The first version in French included 21 episodes and more than 2,500 learners enrolled for it. In 2019, a modified version with an English translation has been put online. A total of over 2000 learners followed this MOOC.

As part of in-service training, a partnership has been formed with company Apercora to offer training modules in the field of radiation protection, enabling professionals to acquire the theoretical and practical skills they need to be accredited.

With regard to the development of Arronax Nantes, we are working on supplementing this MOOC with several specialized M2-level modules (SPOC) open to students and professionals. In parallel, we intend to set up a theme-based multidisciplinary school. All these elements prefigure the implementation of an original and truly multidisciplinary doctoral course around nuclear technology for health. It is supported by the IRON laboratory of excellence, IGO, SIRIC ILIAD, the ArronaxPlus equipment of excellence, the ISITE NEXT and all Arronax Nantes’s partners.

Our aim is to consolidate multidisciplinary training activities in our field and promote them worldwide.

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