Arronax Nantes unites all stakeholders in Nantes working on research and development in nuclear medicine. Our community more particularly include the GIP Arronax, the laboratories Ceisam, CRCINA, LS2NSubatech, the CRIP-Oniris core facility and the Nuclear Medicine departments of the University Hospital of Nantes and the ICO.

The funding of the FIP has enabled ut to make additional investments in existing equipment for the development of 5 research and training platforms that support the 5 key areas of research pursued by the Arronax Nantes project:

The scientific education is provided thanks to the funding obtained via the I-SITE NExT through the TransForMed cluster.

Our themes of choice concern fundamental research in physics, chemistry and biology and translational research in nuclear medicine. Our aim is to facilitate exchanges between disciplines to accelerate multidisciplinary research with a view to making Nantes a global R&D and value creation cluster in the field of nuclear medicine.

With regard to academic research, Arronax Nantes community interacts closely with the technological life science core facilities of Biogenouest, the IRON laboratory of excellence, the SIRIC ILIAD and is a stakeholder in the I-SITE NExT. This rich group offers cutting-edge and quality research to the hospital researchers and clincians.

Arronax Nantes is in close contact with the industrial world through direct joint ventures with companies more particularly in the world of pharmacy, but also through its activity in the Atlanpole Biotherapies competitive cluster.