From a statutory point of view, ARRONAX is a « Groupement d’Intérêt Public » (GIP). ARRONAX is thus a public research institute with a private accounting. It is a kind of mixed economy system that allows it both to cooperate as equal with public research partners and to act as a company with respect to industrial customers (Siret: 13000411200012, DUNS: 295659028).

A GIP is a grouping of several public and private members, linked by a written agreement, approved by the State. Members of the ARRONAX GIP are the State and the Region Pays de la Loire, large national organizations of research, higher education and research institutions, hospitals. Members are gathered in an Administration Council which elects its president and vice president.

The ARRONAX GIP is constituted for a period of 25 years, renewable. First, it supports the operation of the cyclotron Arronax (Accelerator for Research in Radiochemistry and Oncology at Nantes AtlantiX), which is a large platform with an international Research and Development objective. The responsibility for management lies with the director of the GIP, who signs research contracts and service contracts with national or international, public or industrial partners.

Staff members working for the GIP are, researchers, engineers, technicians provided by its members, and employees of the GIP. Some counselors, and several members of the partnership laboratories cooperate regularly on the platform. Depending on the time period, the number of staff members is between 30 and 40.