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Through the IRC TransForMed project funded by the I-SITE NExT, Arronax Nantes community is leading a set of actions for the development of nuclear medicine.

The main objective of the IRC TransForMed project (Translational research cluster For nuclear Medicine) is to coordinate the research activities of the members of the Arronax Nantes community in the field of translational research in nuclear medicine.

In order to implement the different actions of this project as closely as possible to the needs of the researchers, multidisciplinary committees composed of members of the different laboratories have been set up.

Scope of the IRC TransForMed project

The actions concern four research fields:

  1. Targeted alpha therapy and in particular astatine-211 therapy
  2. Theranostic approach : 64Cu/67Cu, 44Sc/47Sc, 68Ga/177Lu, Tb, etc.
  3. Metabolism and tumor response studies : PET imaging with 18F, 44Sc, 64Cu, 68Ga, 89Zr, etc.
  4. Basic and translational research : quantitative imaging and artificial intelligence, 3-photon imaging, alpha radiobiology

More about scientific papers involving TransForMed


They are conducted by three committees :

  • training
  • communication
  • public/private partnerships
Allocation of scholarships
  • “Internships” scholarships : finance master’s internships organized in joint tutoring between two or more members of Arronax Nantes, in order to promote inter-disciplinary and inter-laboratory exchanges.
  • “Mobility” scholarships : finance scientific mobility projects with an external laboratory responding to one of the 4 research fields of the IRC TransForMed project. This funding is intended for the research teams of the project partners.
  • “Symposium” scholarships : provides financial support to participate in an international meeting to researchers, engineers and doctoral students of Arronax Nantes members whose papers have been accepted.

These three calls for projects are disseminated, annually or over time, to the members of Arronax Nantes.

ISI NucMed thematic school

Over four days, 20 participants will deepen their knowledge in three main fields of nuclear medicine research. They have the opportunity to meet some of the best international experts in radionuclide production, artificial intelligence for medical image analysis, and theranostic approaches.
Lectures, pratical works, poster session and visits take place in Arronax, Centrale Nantes and Nantes University.

Edition 2023 from July 3 to 6.

More information about ISI NucMed

More information about ISI NucMed 2022

Scientific events
  • “Amino acids as diagnostic and therapeutic tools in nuclear medicine?”
    Cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • “Copper-64 and Zirconium-89: Current status and future challenges for targeted imaging”
    June 21, 2019

These one-day international symposia are organized in partnership with LabEx IRON and SIRIC ILIAD as part of the University of Nantes Scientific Days.

  • Journées Arronax@Nantes
    – March 26, 2019
    – 2020 edition cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic
    – July 5, 2021 (hybrid event)

These annual meetings bring together the stakeholders involved in the Equipex ArronaxPlus and the IRC TransForMed project around topics related to the current state of translational research in nuclear medicine. They are open to academic and industrial participants.

  • TransForMed4Students
    July 6, 2021 (online event)

Meeting between PhD students, trainees and interns of the Arronax Nantes member structures, around their research work for the development of nuclear medicine.

COST NOAR project

The public/private partnership committee of IRC TransForMed has contributed to the emergence of the Network for Optimized Astatine labeled Radiopharmaceuticals (NOAR) project, which aims to network European players involved in the deployment of astatine 211 for medical applications in more than 20 countries. This project was selected by the European Commission in 2020.

More information about COST NOAR

Governance of the IRC TransForMed project

The Steering Committee of the IRC TransFordMed project is composed of representatives of all the members of Arronax Nantes.

NExT’s operational team contributes to the communication around the actions led by the committees.