Conférence annuelle ESVONC (European Society of Veterinary Oncology) (Lyon, France) – Avril 2017 – “ Targeting CD22 in spontaneous diffuse large B-cell lymphoma bearing dogs : quantitative imaging (immuno-SPECT) and dosimetric approach in preparation of radioimmunotherapy (RIT) “ F. Morio1, N. Chouin1,2, F. Nguyen1, M. Berthaud2, M. Fusellier3, C. Bodet-Milin2,4, M. Roussel1, S. Becavin1, J. Abadie1, L. Ferrer2,5, C. Ibisch1,2, F. Davodeau2

Conférence EANM 2017 (Vienne, Autriche)- Octobre 2017 – « B-cell lymphoma radioimmunotherapy : effect of co-infusion of cold and radiolabelled antibody on absorbed doses to healthy tissues and tumours, a preclinical study in dogs ». F. Morio1,2, C. Ibisch1,2, F. Nguyen1,3, M. Berthaud2, J. Abadie1,3, A. Vidal5, M. Bourgeois2,4,5, K. Bernardeau7, S. Becavin1, M. Roussel1, L. Ferrer2,6, C. Bodet-Milin2,4, N. Chouin1,2, F. Davodeau2

J. Barbet, Conf invité Pretargeting in the Context of Theranostics and Companion Diagnostics, CME 5 : Theranostics and Companion Drugs, EANM, Vienna (Autriche) October 21-25, 2017

Chérel M, Anticorps monoclonaux : mise en place d’une filière nationale : le point de vue d’Arronax, 11e Journées du cancéropole Grand Ouest, Vannes, France, June 29-30 2017